Day Forty Five (18th Oct) – Huacachina

20 10 2010

I just don’t get this town…

It has a population of two hundred which swells significantly when the tourists roll in. The town is built around a slightly stinky lagoon within a series of large sand dunes, that’s it… Other than a buggy ride and sand boarding there is nothing else to do, as I fear if I were to dip a toe into that murky lagoon water it would dissolve away.

This is probably why most of the hostels cater for a bunch of twenty something year old pissheads. Providing almost 24/7 dance music and all you can eat and drink BBQ’s serving the really dodgy local tipple, plus alleged drink spiking – but they can’t prove I was anywhere near that girls drink.

Now being in our 30’s – just! Jen and I thought we would go wine tasting. Now I had never heard of or seen Peruvian wine let alone tasted and was curious. We visited two vineyards, tried both reds and whites as well as a couple of sparkling wines. It all tasted like horse piss…

Poor taste was not the only trait these wines had to offer. Come six pm both Jen and I were laid up in bed with one of the worst headaches we had had for a very very long time, two paracetamols and two diclofenac’s couldn’t shift this thing. Bed was where we stayed till the following morning.




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24 10 2010

2 diclofenacs – OD risk almost

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