Day 37 (10th Oct) – Pantanal Safari

16 10 2010

Now I know what it’s like to be a rock star…

Well, I don’t mean the bit about being able to play the guitar or singing in front of thousands of fans, the groupies or any general musical talent… I mean the bit about waking up and not being quite sure what town you are in or what day it is. For the first thirty seconds of the day I know what it’s like to be a rock star… confusing!

Today was the first day of a four day Pantanal safari. The Pantanal is a national park covering an area half the size of France and stretching into Paraguay and Bolivia. The area used to be under water and is now a swamp area that floods in the rainy season (December to June).  Now in the dry season it’s a good time to see Caimans, Jaguars, Anacondas, Anteaters, lots of birds and more.

We had a significant drive in a mini bus and 4×4 truck, from Campo Grande in the morning to our campsite deep in the Pantanal. The campsite was very basic; tents or hammocks; we chose a tent. Hot showers, OK’ish loo’s and table and benches for meals.

We spent the evening getting to know the others on safari, swapping stories and getting pissed on capirinhas; because the rule of camping is you can’t climb into a tent and sleep unless you’ve had a few – it’s unnatural.




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