Day 34 (7th Oct) – Foz do Iguacu

9 10 2010

We had a lovely lie-in after our flight from Manaus got us to the hostel at 2am, followed by a few drinks with the hostels late night boozers..! It’s such a contrast being back in the south; firstly it’s nowhere near as hot and humid, and secondly British backpackers are back. This means we can talk to someone with out using a host of hand gestures to ask them to pass the salt.


In the morning we caught the local bus to Foz do Iguacu, or Iguacu falls to you and I. The Rio Iguacu divides Brazil and Argentina, and today we saw the Brazilian side and tomorrow it will be the Argentinean. Once again the photos are never going to do it justice, so all I can tell you is, it’s a mighty impressive waterfall! I think it was Jaws that drove a motorboat of this waterfall when chasing Mr. Bond in Moonraker.

After a very long and extremely large buffet lunch, we made our way to a bird park close to the waterfall. There were lots of South American birds that you may or may not have seen around the continent. Whilst in one of the walks through the aviaries we mistook tameness and inquisitiveness for aggression; I got a nasty bite on the leg… well I got a viscous peck that drew a bit of blood. From that point the tone of our visit changed. We started noticing the signs that said ‘do not touch the birds’ and ‘enter this aviary at your own risk’. All this made for a very uncomfortable picture of Jen holding a Macaw at arms reach…




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