Day 33 (6th Oct) – Manaus

9 10 2010

If I see another cheese toasty…!

The boat got us into Manaus at 5:30am; before sunrise and therefore pitch black. There was no way in hell we were getting off that boat and wandering around the dockyard with our backpacks in the dark. So we had to sat it out and waited for the sun to come up…

Our flight to Foz do Iguacu wasn’t until 4pm, so we had the morning to dump our bags at the airport and have a quick look around town.

It goes without saying that I was always going to look like a local in Brazil, I just didn’t realise how much; I look more Brazilian than half the people here. You could say I blend in seamlessly, well at least until I open my mouth that is. Jen, not so much… However, we make a good team; where I can get stuff at local prices by walking into a shop picking up everything we need, dumping it all on the cashiers desk and paying without giving the game away by speaking. Jen can get us into any five star hotel; so much so this is where we spent the hottest part of the day. At the roof top pool and revolving restaurant about 15 storeys above Manaus.




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