Day 31 & 32 (4th/5th Oct) – Rio Amazonas

9 10 2010

Brazilian trading standards will be receiving a very stern letter from me over the sale of our ‘suite’ on the boat to Manaus. However, the alternative was a hammock in a very hot, sweaty and crowded communal area. Maybe that private room with its own bathroom wasn’t too bad after all.

We heard from a number of sources that the food provided onboard the boat tasted awful and would very likely give us the trots…So we brought our own and relied on a tuck shop at the rear of the boat for cheese toasties. So, for the two days we were on the boat, it was crisps and biscuits for breakfast (yum), cheese toasties for lunch, and tuna on crackers with more cheese toasties for dinner.

I thought I would be on deck in my boating shoes quaffing champers with the movers and shakers of the Brazilian upper class – not sharing a very small room with Jen, a cricket (that would, to my annoyance start ‘cricketing’ in the middle of the night) and an air conditioning unit that was stuck on 16oC (so it was either freezing cold or very hot).

The journey itself was great, we saw tens, hundreds, thousand, tens of thousands lots of trees sail by over the two days. I just don’t think that deforestation thing is that big a deal, there are still loads left… Apparently, throughout the 80’s an area the size of a football pitch was deforested every minute for the whole decade! As well as trees we saw dolphins, pink ones no less! I would never have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself.

We also saw lots of human activity on the river; from large container ships transporting goods to and from Manaus to tiny wooden fishing boats. It’s a very large and important river (as big as the next eight largest rivers in the world combined), and it’s a shame to keep seeing locals on the boat throwing their rubbish off the boat and into the river when a bin was less than five metres away.




2 responses

9 10 2010

Pink dolphins! That’s amazing!

17 10 2010

Yeah the pink dolphins were great, although not as cute as the grey ones. I hope you are all well. We will try to call you soon. Hope school is going well. Take care. Love Jerime and Jennie xxx

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