Day Twenty Six (29th Sept) – Santarem

4 10 2010

The Amazon has proven to be a little bigger than our map makes out. So have decided instead of spending five days on a boat travelling from Belem to Manaus, we would fly to Santarem and take a two day boat trip to Manaus.

Our flight got us into Santarem at 2am – air or boat is really the only way of getting to this place. In the morning we had a little look around Santarem, not much to look at really, plus very hot and humid. We booked ourselves a suit on the boat to Manaus for the following week. We couldn’t see the boat we would be taking, but I’m sure it’s on a par with the QE II, mmm… that I very much doubt!

After lunch we took an hour bus ride to Alter do Chao described as the Caribbean of the Amazon, gorgeous white sands and warm still waters. We checked into a pousada right on the beach with great views of the beach. It was almost perfect if it wasn’t for the constant warnings of sting rays in the sallow waters. We met someone who had a nasty sting on his foot and was currently on antibiotics. Needless to say we only swam where the locals swam and took a lot of care in the water.




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