Day Twenty Two (25th Sept) – Barreirinhas

28 09 2010

Definitely the best day we have had..!

Well, it all started with an early morning pickup and an extremely violent 4×4 drive into another part of Lencois Maranhenses National Park. Again, we travelled through awful sand tracks, over and in rivers, meeting not a sole on the road. We (Jen, myself, plus about six others) eventually made it to our destination, which was a few miles from Lagoa Bonita (beautiful lagoon). There we saw incredible large dunes as far as the eye could see. After a considerable walk we made it to fresh water lagoons interspersed between the dunes. Most of these were almost completely dry, but a couple had enough water to swim in. Once we were all in the water we realised there were hundreds of tiny little fish nibbling at our feet… nice…

After a few hours of messing about in the desert it was time to get back into the jeep and make our way back to Barreirinhas. Unfortunately this journey was too much for our 4×4 as it broke down a couple of times on the journey home. The first breakdown was by a large cashew tree, allowing us to gain a quick education in cashew nuts (photo below). The second breakdown was in a river, giving us another opportunity to go for a dip! The other guys in the 4×4 were brilliant fun and really made the trip – especially all the beer drinking in the back.

The real highlight of the day was a sunset flight over Lencois Maranhenses National Park. This gave us the opportunity to really see the beauty of the park and spot the areas we had visited on the ground by air; Cabure, Rio Preguncias, Atins, Lagoa Bonita etc. Truly stunning.




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29 09 2010

Hey guys, just a quickie as I am soooo busy….. You two are REALLY off the beaten track. Sounds very remote! Nice, but seriously remote. So no proper streets, no shops, just sand? OK. Enjoy. But er, don’t get lost!
And those fish nibbling your feet? Sounds like the new craze. The famous Garra Rufa fish which are now used for pedicures (started in Japan). I happen to stumble upon it on Monday in Selfridges and had a fish pedicure – you put your feet in a tank of water with these tiny fish and they nibble at all your dead skin. I didn’t like it though (the lady next to me seemed to love it). Feet come out all lovely and smooth. (Google “fish pedicure” for more info). The photos are lovely. Keep them coming. Gotta go. Will come back soon. Stay safe, Janeen et al xxx

17 10 2010

They have had little fish nibbling at peoples feet for hundreds of years in the Lencois National Park, Selfridges is so behind the times… 😉 I bet it´s cheaper to fly to Lencois and dip your feet in the lagoons than it is to go to Selfridges..!

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