Day Twenty Three (26th Sept) – Sao Luis

28 09 2010

Little or nothing to report… Took the bus from Barreirinhas to Sao Luis and then the over night bus from Sao Luis to Belem.

We found this amazing soft drink that tastes just like Iron-Bru, but it’s pink. Sweeney you’ll love it!




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30 09 2010

Dearest Jen and Jez,

Your blog and photos are astonishing and wonderful! What an amazing trip you are having! The change of pace and extremes of life that you are seeing must make you feel you are a million miles away!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

the weather continues to change: the trees are desperately trying to change their leaves but the random weather is confusing them no end. We have mild and muggy days with cold still nights and yet I have seen crocuses bravely poking their heads out.

I am not been long back from my two weeks basic training with the RAF – it has established that I really do not enjoy camping or CS gas but am admirably suited to running around with 30kg on my back! The reality of what is yet to come with deployment is slowly starting to take shape but the general feeling is one of excitement and urgency to start doing our job rather than scaring us off. Deployment looks likely within the next twelve months so will hopefully see you before I go anywhere sandy and exciting!

Now down to business: wehn you get to Peru, there is a type of sock that is perfect for keeping the ole feet toasty of a night! They are lade of llama wool and thery are basically bedsocks. If you can get your hands on a pair or two, Nick and I would be eternally grateful as we have had friends bring them home for us ovaer the last few years and they really are a treat! It means I don’t have to warm myfeet on him of a chilly night! If you find any I would so appreciate if you could send some home to him as we have worn ours thin and I know he would love some new ones! However, do not worry if you don’t come across them.

Work continues, unashamedly eating into our lives without conscience or regret – how does one escape the rat race without doing what you have done?!
The NHS contines to require more paper work and higher standards with less staff and fewer resourcesbut we do it for the love of mankind, right!

I have so enjoyed reading your updates and am starting to live vicariously through you both – keep it up, take every opportunity however risky and most of all relish that you ahve the chance of a lifetime with each other that you will always treasure and, through this, remember.

Much love,

Gem xxxx

17 10 2010

Hi Gem. Lovely to hear from you. Sounds like you had an interesting two weeks of RAF training! Are you glad now that you´re doing it? Hopefully you´ll get an interesting and exciting deployment somewhere…much better than working for the NHS I´m sure (haha). Things are going really well here. I´m glad you´ve been able to read the blog. I must admit Jez has done all the writing so far so he should take the credit. We have now arrived in Peru so I will look out for those socks. I think we´ll need a pair too as it´s freezing here. We arrived yesterday and realilsed we didn´t have any warm clothes in our possession so went to buy some today but all the shops are shut on a Sunday. We´ll just have to freeze for one more day which coming from Scotland I´m used to :-). Anyway we must go now and catch our bus to our next destination (Ica). Hope you´ve had a lovely weekend and keep in touch. Take care. Love Jen & Jez xxx

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