Day Twenty One (24th Sept) – Barreirinhas

28 09 2010

In the morning we took our first venture into Lencois Maranhenses National Park (look it up, it’s the nuts!). Yesterday we arranged a trip into the national park, and when we turned up this morning, we saw the most un-seaworthy vessel we’d seen in a long time, and started to have second thoughts! Alan, I was concerned for the safety of the camera you kindly lent us. Jen I wasn’t worried about, as I know she has her 50 metres swimming badge from Dumfries Dolphins!

After a couple of close calls we made it the few miles down river to the mouth of the Rio Preguncias where we hired a horse. The four of us; Jen, the guide, the horse and I headed into the national park. If you haven’t googled Lencois Maranhenses National Park it is essentially 1550 sq km of immense expanses of dunes, which look like ‘lencois’ (bed sheets); it includes beaches, mangroves and lagoons.

Mid afternoon we checked out of our ‘Arctic science station’ and took a speed boat 45 minutes up river to Barreirinhas. Barreirinhas is, as described by a fellow traveller we met ‘a hole’ and ‘only good for accessing Lencois’. Other than the riverside he was spot on… Dinner and an early night.




2 responses

3 10 2010

I love the picture of Jez with the guide in the red t-shirt – if the pic was taken in Thailand, it would tell a completely different story

17 10 2010

I tried not to look like i was two foot taller than him, but the locals were vertical challenged.

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