Day Nineteen (22nd Sept) – Jericoacoara

27 09 2010

This town of about 3000, as far as I can tell seems to have been built on and around a sand dune; and if I’m not mistaken, a sand dune is essentially shifting sand…  The only thing worse than building a town on shifting sand, would be to build a city on ‘rock and roll’. As in ‘we built this city on rock and roll’…

Moving on… Amazing day driving around miles of dunes and beach tracks, stopping off at two unbelievably beautiful lagoon beaches, one of which was without question the best beach I’ve ever been to. Fine white sands, warm calm crystal clear fresh waters and sunny blue skies… It felt like a giant warm bath! I was gutted when our buggy driver said we had to leave.

Later in the afternoon we went up a huge dune, just outside Jericoacoara for another of the east coasts stunning sunsets and great views of the beach town.




2 responses

24 10 2010

this beach looks amazing!!

5 11 2010

Yeah… it was rather nice. Tough to get to but totally worth it.

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