Day 8 (11th Sept) – Morro de Sao Paulo

16 09 2010

Two boats and a bus…

A big storm blew over and the weather has come good!!!

Today we made our way to Morro de Sao Paulo a lovely island with no cars. A real village feel, narrow streets of sand, amazing beaches and great food. We are staying in a really nice beach front hotel; it has a cool ‘his and hers’ shower and a comfy private hammock. The journey here was a real adventure, passing through lots of Brazilian countryside.

Brazil is most certainly not a 3rd world country… Many parts have a European city feel about them (plus a European city price tag); however Brazil has left many of its citizens behind, from the look of things, in mud huts. The rural Brazil has a rural Nigerian feel, especially the climate, vegetation and soil. This made me wonder why Nigeria can’t do what Brazil has done with its agricultural industry. We met an American girl who was on an agriculture exchange programme with a Brazilian university. Brazil is now educating Americans!

Nigeria seems to be about 20yrs behind Brazil, maybe it has something to do with the 100 extra years of independence?!?




One response

24 10 2010

Sounds like how England is going to end up at some point due to the current political climate!! And what do you mean by his and her showers……?

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