Day Eleven (14th Sept) – Recife

16 09 2010

The over night bus was absolutely brilliant… Boarded the coach at 19:45 and arrived the next day at 09:45, 14hrs, sounds like a nightmare, but it’s not. The chairs recline a long way back, not flat, but not far off. So we were lying there, under our blanket, with a pillow, staring out of the window watching Brazil whoosh past, slowly being rocked to sleep. I would love to sleep on those buses every night.

Anyhow, this bed on wheels took us from Salvador to Recife and an hour on the metro got us to our hostel. Can’t/ don’t want to remember the name of it…

This hostel is a hole… I’m writing this from the bottom bunk of our “private double room”. The reason it’s from the bottom bunk is because some genius installed a roof fan 2 feet from the top bunk. Any poor soul who is up there is more than likely to get his or her face sliced off… Jen drew the short straw; she’s up there now… Nah, she’s down here with me. We’re new to hostelling, but is it normal to be asked ‘would you like a hot shower’?… Why would you install 3 only cold water showers in a hostel?!?

Anyway, enough of that… We spent the afternoon in Olinda, because Recife is the murder capital of Brazil. Olinda was everything Recife wasn’t. A lovely old colonial town, in fact it used to be the capital of the region until the Dutch burnt it down in the 1500’s. It was rebuild shortly after, with lovely cobbled streets, brightly coloured houses, and 17 catholic churches! We went to a couple of churches; don’t want to over do the culture thing on the second week of a one year trip… But yeah, really nice afternoon out.




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