Day Six (9th Sept)

12 09 2010

We made it to Salvador on what was a surprisingly quick and simple flight. Then opted to take the local bus transport to our hostel which took a whopping 1hr 45 minutes! We arrived at the hostel very sweaty after the walk up hill from the bus stop in the sweltering midday sun. The weather looked so promising when we arrived with sunny blue skies and a temperature of 300C, but we swear that storm cloud from Rio followed us all the way up the coast… later it rained, that’s now 6 for 6 days of rain!!

Salvador is the old capital of Brazil and was the original port where slaves were brought from Africa and therefore has the most African culture and feel. We decided to experience some of Salvador’s live music and night life at a bar recommended to by the hostel. We booked a taxi to take us there, but the taxi driver had trouble finding the place. For good reason, as the recommended bar had closed down, $R50 round trip!




2 responses

24 10 2010

glad you explained where salvador was. asked house mates and we’re all clueless!! Did you guys know before you went??

5 11 2010

Yes, but we did do a lot of research before we went – the important thing is we wont forget it!

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