Day 7 (10th Sept)

12 09 2010

A glorious day of “culture” in Salvador…

We made friends with a very nice couple; Mike and Jane. Together we explored the Pelourinho area of Salvador, lots of cobbled streets, restaurants, churches, museums, the usual *!$?*?’s. The problem is this historic tourist centre is surrounded by favelas and if it wasn’t for a very strong police presence we would have been robbed blind, which was nice. That’s pretty much it really…

Just in case you were wondering… yes it rained again today..!




2 responses

16 09 2010
Andrew Roads

Something tells me you could have put “glorious” in inverted commas there Jez – and something also tells me the author was you and not Jen here!

Really enjoying your posts, hope you’re having a great time in Natal,

19 09 2010

Yeah spot on… I’ve been trying to take in as much as I can “culturally”.

Getting back to you a little late, but its taken about 2500km to get the good weather – I think we had some of the bad weather that has been working its way up the Americas east coast.

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