Day Five (8th Sept)

9 09 2010

“Rain rain go away come again another day…”

It rained today… Had a very wet trip to Santa Teresa – it was ok…

Santa Teresa is an area of Rio set up on a hilltop full of cobbled streets, colonial buildings and the only remaining tram system in the city. The tram was so old that when riding on the tram up some of the steep hills, the driver had to get off a few times to reconnect to the overhead power lines!!

Heading to Salvador tomorrow where the weather forecast is for 340C and sun..!




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10 09 2010

Hi guys,

How are you doing out there? Coping with the rain ok? Everything sounds broken, wet and dangerous! Let’s see what Salvador has to offer…

Things are great here. Kids back in school – peace! However, this last week has not been good in the car department. Chike managed to wrap the Range Rover round a lamppost (well not that bad) and I somehow thought I could multi-task whilst reversing the Bentley into the garage (to the detriment of it’s wing mirror). Eek!

By the way Olivia’s ice-skating disco party was a riot (even if I say so myself, me who organised it)! Chike & Anthony were most helpful fetching the pizzas, etc.

Do let me know the minute you get into Chile ‘coz that bottle of red you gave me is staring at me and I am trying to wait until then as I promised….

Take care and STAY SAFE!!
your sis, Janeen x

12 09 2010

Sorry for the late response – We have been busy ‘chilling’ and Jen has been hogging the laptop trying desperately to get the book finished before end of September!

Oh no..! Is Chike ok..? Were any of you guys in the car as well?

Everything is going well with us – a bit of sunshine makes all the difference! I’m sure it’s nice to have the house to yourselves now Olivia and Ants are back in school. Oh, you should download the skype app for your iphone and we can chat for free, I setup an account for mum on my work laptop, get her on it…

Take care of yourselves and the cars..!

Love Jez & Jennie

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