Day Three (6th Sept)

7 09 2010

Bad news guys – Jen somehow persuaded me not to bring my authentic Mexican hat on the trip… Mike I know you were looking forward to seeing it travel around the world proudly sat upon my head. I left it in the back of Andrew’s car at the airport… sorry Mike.

Rio de Janeiro has two main and popular beaches Copacabana and Ipanema/Leblon. Yesterday we went to Copacabana, so today we went to Ipanema and Leblon. Unfortunately the weather hasn’t improved much and the waves were ruddy huge so we left the water to the surfers.

We did lots of walking today – we are both really enjoying Rio and chatting to the people. One of the negatives is you can’t walk everywhere; the nice areas are separated by big rock formations or lagoons, which is where the dodgy favelas are located – and I don’t know if you have seen ‘City of God’ but those favela kids are little *!#?*’s.




3 responses

7 09 2010

I thought for a minute that this was you exercising on the beach Jennie. I am sure with a bit of practice you could manage it!!!!
Glad to hear all going well. Shame about the combination lock, you should have taken your mother with you, you know I am a wizard at working out these combinations.
Looking forward to the next episode. How is the accommodation? I know how much you two like to rough it !

17 09 2010
Tinky Taylor

You’re a fool Jez. I’ve acquired a second hat so the numbers are still there. I just took mine around France and Spain and wore it about once… Hope your enjoying the hostels and eating that fiver has given you mass gastro entrietal distress.


19 09 2010


No sign of the note in question… Would come in useful around these parts – 3 night bed and board!

Swanning around Europe with your two hats I see..! A hat would be nice as it’s got ruddy hot. I’m sure we’ll be in some tiny remote village where I can have some old dear with fewer teeth than I have fingers take me for far too much money… that’s how I got our hats in Mexico.

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