Day Two (5th Sept)

6 09 2010

Living it large in Rio….in bed at 22.30!!!

Spent the morning at Copacabana beach. I think you guys back home have been having better weather than us here. Started raining at midday and never really stopped till the evening. Only one thing to do on a rainy day….hit the bars of Rio – well one very strong Capirinha was enough to do it!

Jez tried to start his new healthy lifestyle of fruit, no booze and exercise, but instead opted for a Brazilian buffet of meat, meat and more meat washed down with a ridiculously strong Capirinha 🙂

Well what can we say about Brazil… They don’t speak Spanish! We went to all this effort of half learning Spanish for our trip, and we can’t use any of it yet – it’s frustrating not being able to communicate with people properly.

Oh yeah, not everyone who plays football on the beach is amazing, nor is everyone fantastically good looking. Saw a few old men on the beach who looked like they should have hung their boots up many years ago. People have been generally friendly and good natured.

We have been staying in Botafogo. It’s mainly residential, fairly central and not too far to the beach. We walked around parts of the city getting nice views of the famous Cristo Redentor statue.




4 responses

12 09 2010

I always thought Brazilian shemales were prettier than that!

19 09 2010

So many jokes in that – but got to keep it clean…!

24 10 2010

Jez, I don’t think you’ll fit in with those shorts; think they have to be tighter and shorter…..tourist!!

5 11 2010

I’m happy wearing my tourist shorts thank you… Rather that then wearing a posing pouch as the locals do…

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