Day One (4th Sept) – Rio de Janeiro

5 09 2010

I’ll tell you what… I’m not going to last a year of this… ‘Ace backpackers hostel’ more like disgrace backpackers..!  No sea view 😉

No seriously… couldn’t have gone smoother. Fantastic breakfast at Janeen’s! Flight was fine. Bus into town was dirt cheap and quick. Found the place easy-peasy, but to then find out that Jen couldn’t get into her backpack as she had inadvertently changed the combination lock… genius… and she’s a doctor!?!

Just heading to bed now as it’s 5am UK time.

Off to work on our tans tomorrow, I’ll try to prevent Jen from frying 🙂




2 responses

5 09 2010

Forgot her combination…Why does that not surprise me! Glad to hear you guys arrived safely. Keep us posted! Can you let me know as soon as you work out your flight dates to NZ so I can work out some plans for xmas? Have fun in the sun:-) xxx

24 10 2010

yep, combo thing doesn’t surprise me. I don’t think it’s a bad thing as I do that all the time……and I’m a doc… it bad??????

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