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31 08 2010

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8 09 2010

Wow sounds like you’re having lots of fun! Don’t worry about the bus drivers though. If you can handle it in Nigeria you can handle it there!

9 09 2010

Hi Olivia & Ants,

Yes having lots of fun thanks – leaving Rio tomorrow…

Hope your first few days of school are going ok. Ants look after yourself! Have you had a chance to try a couple of those pasta recipes yet, or are you still eating spag-bol!?!

Take care guys x

8 09 2010

Hello there! Life in England is dull. I went to my first year of Y7 today, and it sounds like I have to pull my finger out. Unlike you, of course..
Rugby was a riot, as usual, and I hurt my elbow, and I think I heard my neck crack. Ouch!
So Brazil sounds good. If you’re staying long enough, you might be able to see the Brazilian Grand Prix on in late October. Probably not though.
Rember what I said about the crocs, tsunami’s and what not. Call me if you have any questions. Although my mob will probably be flat!
Looks like I’m out of room, so BYEEE!!

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